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The principle and advantages of IGBT

The principle and advantages of IGBT Medium Frequency Furnace power supply control part:

Explain:When the total power is 2500KW, each furnace is rated at 2200KW and can be random regulate from 300KW to 2200KW, but the total power will not exceed 2500KW.

Double converter electric drawing

(1)IGBT Medium Frequency Power Supply is a use of series-resonant type of medium-frequency induction melting furnace, its a new type of IGBT inverter module (insulated-gate bipolar transistor, German production), which is mainly used for smelting of ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, cast steel, non-ferrous metals. It has a fastly melting, energy saving, low pollution etc.

(2)IGBT MF power supply as a constant power supply, add a small amount of material can reach to full power output, and always stay the same, so melting faster; used series resonant inverter, and the inverter voltage is high, all the IGBT MF saved energy than SCR. IGBT use frequency modulation and adjust power, rectification part with full-bridge rectifier, inductor and capacitor filter still working in 500V, so IGBT MF produce high-order harmonic is very small, low pollution with grid.

(3)IGBT MF power supply can be 15% -25% energy saving than the SCR MF power supply, the reasons are the following aspects:

a.Inverter voltage is high, current, circuit loss is small, this part can be about 15% energy saving, IGBT MF power supply inverter of voltage is 2800V, traditional SCR MF power supply inverter of voltage of 750V, current is smaller in four times, the line loss reduced.

b.High power factor, power factor is always greater than 0.98, Reactive power loss is small, this part of energy-saving 3% -5% than the SCR MF power supply. IGBT using full-bridge rectification, rectifier part does not adjust SCR conduction angle, so the whole process of the power factor is always greater than 0.98, Reactive power loss is small.

c.Furnace product less heat loss, The IGBT fast than SCR 15 minutes per batch at the same power, heat within the furnace exit losses can account for 3% of the whole process at in the 15 minutes, so this part can be 3% energy saving than the SCR MF.

(4)High-order harmonic interference: High-order harmonic from rectifier adjust the voltage when the SCR generated voltage spikes. the voltage grid will be seriously polluted, leading to other devices do not work, IGBT MF power supply rectifier part using full-bridge rectification, DC voltage is always work in the highest, not adjust conduction angle, so it does not produce high-order harmonics, will not pollute the power grid, transformers, switches will not heat, will not interfere other electronic devices running in the factory.

(5)Constant power output: SCR MF power supply with voltage and power regulator, the IGBT use frequency and power regulator, it is not effect by furnace charge and the lining thickness. during the smelting process always keep the constant power output, especially when produce of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other non-magnetic substances, is much more superiority and faster melting. Lining less burning loss and reduce the foundry costs.

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