Power supply
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Power supply

The whole control electric circuit is produced as a print circuit board except inverting end-level trigger circuit board. And it can be classified as rectifying trigger section, adjustor section, inverter section, reset mathematical calculations section.
lThis power source control board is a single integrated control board. It adopts digital trigger and it is characterized by its high reliability, high precision, easy adjustment and few relay components.

lInput line in main loop can be arranged without ordering the phase sequence. (Phase sequence can be adjusted automatically).

lAdvanced swept reset technology is a successful reset that can be fully achieved without choosing reset voltage and frequency.

lThis power source adopts advanced controlling technology that has the perfect protection.

lIt auto-follows the variation of load, during the running, its feature is the skill of auto-resetting non-exceptionally and the skill of auto-adjustment of power.

lIt has the perfect current & voltage cutting, the accurate cut time or inverting angle control, which assure the equipment to perform unfailingly.

lIt also has the perfect multilevel-protecting system (including hydraulic pressure, lack of phase and voltage, over current and voltage, cut time, chain operation, etc) and the higher efficiency of frequency conversion, which is bigger than 94% when 1000HZ or below.

lIt is suitable for controlling medium-frequency power source that is between 100KW and 3000KW or between 200HZ and 8000HZ.


1500kw250/HZ power-supply(Poland)
1800kw/500HZ power-supply(Tunisia)
power-supply workshop
1500kw/500HZ power-supply
1000kw/2000HZ power-supply(Sweden)
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