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water cooling system

Firstly: there are several kinds of cooling ways according to different investment, environmental requirements and durability of the apparatus.

(1)All closed:

Purified water are adopted to make as cooling water in the circulation that is the best cooling way, high reliability, durable and not polluted by environment as well as occupying little areas, but more expensive.

(2)Half closed:

Power supply is cooled in a totally closed way but the furnace does in open way. It is better to cool power supply in the closed way, high reliability, durable, the investment is moderate.

(3)Power supply adopts the heat exchanger and furnace is cooled in open way, the investment is small.

(4)All open:

Covers large areas, causing water pollution, power supply and the components of the furnace are easy to be damaged but the investment is smallest.


In winter, special attention should be paid to the equipments to prevent the inner parts of the equipments from freezing to avoid the water leakage.

Secondly: Requirement of cooling water: 

Input pressure of cooling water is 0.20.3MPa

Input water temperature is 535℃;

Water quality: PH 6 - 9.

Output water temperature is <55.

Thirdly: Requirement of water quality:

The standards of circulation cooling water quality is stipulated by national standard (GB10067.1-88, general parts for electric equipments technical condition) as follows:

PH 7.0-8.5

Suspension solid < 10mg/L

Alkalinity<60 mg/L

Chlorine ion average <60 mg/L

At best <220 mg/L

Vitriol ion<100 mg/L

Pure iron<2 mg/L

Dissolvable SiO2 <6 mg/L

Dissolvable solid <300mg/L

Electricity conductivity<500µs/cm

Total rigidity Cao (mg equivalent /L)<10(with electricity); <60(without electricity).

Resistivity of cooling water in Table 1 should be in accordance with the professional standards ZBK6100-90.

Note: Some foreign furnace clients require the resistivity of cooling water up to 20000~50000Ω.cm.

Cooling water flow is designed according to the technical requirements offered by the manufacturers.


All the closed cooling tower
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