Since 1992 ,we have been supplying more than 1000 induction equipmentsformelting ,forging ,hardening ,drawing ,brazing ,and other special appliances for melting ferrous and nonferrous metal at a very competitive price .So we have enough experience and confidence to dominate international market in this field. We believe that you can fully enjoy your business when you choose our high quality induction equipments which are guaranteed high performance.

Meanwhile,we also have two patented self-products:
One of it is new-type dust removal furnace lid, the other one is a new type of medium-frequency induction holding furnace.

Establish at 2005, while the occasion of China's high-tech products export to U.S. and European markets, the gradual increase in market share, with the intense of international market competition and the high standards of product requirement,in order to meet market requirements and the needs of international clients, in 2005, Hua-li Electric company introduced the induction furnace which in line with CE standards,at the same time registered Contimelt brand into the global market. Adopt mature and stable technology, add the independent innovation of new technologies. The first Contimelt product was exported to the European market. After customer acceptance and commissioning, successfully to running and production. Contimelt take the first step very successfully. Contimelt participated in the GIFA exhibition of 2007 in Germany and recieved the attention of international users and competitor(s). As of this year, Contimelt have been exported to Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America and other markets, all of our users give the good comment of Contimelt brand.

Contimelt based on technology innovation, independent technology research and development, professional technical service team support. Contimelt is our self-developed, developed in line with CE standards, is the representatives of high-performance and high standards product in this industry.

Contimelt experienced several years of market competition, has gradually been recognized by international clients and has an excellent reputation in the market. Contimelt with it’s high-performance, high standards, good after-sale service , already has a good cognition in the global market.

Objectives: (Expectation) Contimelt will run into every corner over the world.

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